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Until now,
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The Premier Provider of Patient
Data Integrity Solutions

Just Associates provides data integrity services that decrease healthcare information issues and minimize the ongoing cost of maintaining patient data quality. We focus on helping healthcare organizations identify and resolve data integrity issues and ensure the accurate linking of patient data.

Our process expertise, systems knowledge and technology enable us to deliver tailored, value-added solutions that improve your financial outcomes and business processes and support the delivery of quality patient care.

Our specialties include Master Patient Index (MPI), Enterprise Patient Index (EMPI) and Record Locator (RLS) services such as:


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MPI Clean-Up Service

Our MPI clean-up services detect, reconcile and prevent duplicate patient records by using a unique combination of proven data integrity methodologies, unrivaled technology - featuring advanced patient matching algorithms and workflow tools - and education on patient access best practices. This integrated approach gives you confidence in your patient data and peace of mind that healthcare professionals can access entire patient records. Most importantly, it gives clinicians the information needed to provide quality patient care.

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provider master clean-up
Provider Master Clean-Up

Leveraging our understanding of identity integrity issues and our advanced technology, a Provider Master Clean-up from Just Associates resolves duplicate provider records and helps minimize duplicate provider record creation.

outsourced management
Outsourced MPI Management

Our IDManage® ongoing MPI management solution leverages our experienced staff & our technology to help you maintain a healthy database, while relieving you of staffing headaches like turnover, leaves of absence, sick day coverage, & training.

algorithm optimization
Algorithm Optimization

While Just Associates provides industry-leading operational and technology services, we are also known for optimizing health information management systems’ record matching capabilities because of our in-depth knowledge of major systems in the market.

patient access consulting
Patient Access Consulting

The patient registration process can contribute to many data integrity issues. We improve your processes and introduce positive patient identification strategies that reduce the number of duplicate records created.


Since starting Just Associates in 2002, we have had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the country’s most prestigious and forward-thinking healthcare provider systems and networks.  They have relied on us to clean up their Master Patient Indexes and ensure the integrity of their data.  We have helped them prepare for and implement new EHR systems, fine tuning their MPI and EMPI algorithms to improve accuracy in patient record matching and better identifying possible duplicates.  Our customers are now enjoying the benefits of our IDManageTM ongoing MPI management service, a solution that evaluates and resolves new duplicates on a continual basis. We’ve also helped our customers design patient access processes that reduce the chances of misidentifying registering patients, while keeping patient convenience in mind.  And, so much more.

See for yourself.  Read our Studies in Success and learn how our experience can apply to your unique situation.

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We believe that one of the key considerations that sets Just Associates apart is the experience we have gained over time in working with practically every EHR system and E/MPI vendor in the market.  Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to comfortably work within your environment and with your healthcare system providers to successfully achieve your data integrity objectives.  We are proud of the reputation we have earned from these vendors of having the in-depth knowledge and experience to work efficiently within their systems.
Don’t see your vendor listed here?  Give us a call and tell us more about your situation.  We’ll share with you our experience working in similar settings as your own. 

  • Epic

  • GE  Healthcare

  • Siemens 

  • Argo

  • Eclypsis

  • Philips

  • IDX

  • Sunquest

  • Cerner

  • Meditech

  • McKesson

  • IBM Initiate

  • NextGen

  • QuadraMed

  • Health Quest

Articles & Press

  • HIM Challenges: Quality Data Reduce Disparities for LGBT Patients
    The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) patient population has specific identification and documentation needs that are not commonplace in today's mainstream health care workflows. There is a general lack of standards when capturing sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI) throughout the patient experience. It starts at patient registration and cascades throughout the visit or encounter in associated clinical documentation. The impacts are seen in both the legal medical record documentation and the systems receiving data downstream—best-in-KLAS systems for specialty care,…
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  • Data Reveal Top Causes of Duplicate Records
    Duplicate medical records are one of the most dangerous and costly problems in patient access, but finding the root cause can be surprisingly difficult.
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  • Innovation Offers New Avenues for HIM
    Innovation continues to present opportunities for HIM professionals to share their data management expertise, which is critical to support ongoing clinical documentation improvement (CDI) initiatives, patient matching efforts, and the rollout of new analytics tools. As a partner in innovation, HIM professionals should master ICD-10 codes, enhance their clinical acumen, and learn how they can support an industry adapting to new quality reporting requirements and payment methodologies.
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  • Masters of Their Domain
    People, processes, and technology are the three components necessary in getting-and keeping-a master patient index (MPI) viable and, more importantly, clean. The ongoing battle to maintain patient data integrity is nothing new to the healthcare industry and many have taken the necessary steps to manage the data. But in an industry rife with consolidations, mergers, and off-site practitioners, the challenge of tracking patient information has become increasingly more difficult.
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Industry Events

  • Florida Health Information Management Association Annual Meeting
    Orlando, FL
    July 10 - 13, 2017
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  • Connecticut Health Information Management Annual Conference
    Mystic, CT
    September 17 - 18, 2017
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  • AHIMA 2017 National Convention & Exhibit
    Los Angeles, CA
    October 7 - 11, 2017
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